Contact Joseph M. Flanders if you are looking for an experienced Ramsey County lawyer.

The firm offers legal counsel in the fields of family law, divorce, estate planning, and probate.

I offer free consultations to all potential clients.  Why?  Because I don’t want you to feel cheated.  Hiring a lawyer is a difficult decision.  You should feel like the firm is a good fit for your family.

Ramsey County Family Lawyer

Joseph M. Flanders is an experienced, friendly lawyer who cares about helping people.

I understand that every situation is unique and that many people are not sure what to do.

I take a hands-on approach and I listen to your problem.  I understand that legal problems are often not much fun.  However, dealing with your lawyer should be a positive experience.

I encourage mediation and collaborative family law.    However, when necessary, I am not afraid to be aggressive and fight for my clients.

I know that the legal system often involves conflict and I promise to be and advocate for you.

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