I make a promise to all people who work with the firm that client privacy is of the utmost importance.

The law firm is a fiduciary for all client documents, money, or other personal information.

You can be sure that the firm is making a full accounting of your money, files, property, and trust account balances.  Client property is kept with the utmost care.

Client Privacy Policy

I also take my job as a counselor and trusted advisor very seriously.  I am required by ethical rules to keep client communications private.  You can feel confident that no information about your private matters will be discussed with any other party.

Also, I am obligated to serve as a fiduciary for all trust fund and/or “retainer” amounts that are given to me by a client.  If a retainer agreement is reached between the firm and you, the client, you can be sure that the money is placed into a trust-account.

Trust-account funds for all clients are kept track of using a ledger system where each client’s money is kept separate.  Furthermore, there is no commingling of funds.  If you have further questions about trust funds or other fiduciary issues, I would be happy to talk with you about them.

Whether your situation involves a difficult family law issue, divorce, or you need a consult about estate planning or probate, I will always keep your information private.

Free Initial Consultations

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