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  1. I received a letter from our child support worker that they would instruct my daughters fathers employer to stop court ordered current and past child support. I know he still owes back child support, but I am not able to get ahold of our worker. It says I have 5 days to request a hearing. I assumed that even though my daughter is 18 I would still be entitled to the back pay.

  2. Shanda and Jon Dorff

    Closed 8/28/15 on 4,300+ Sq ft home that was over $550,000. Since closing, had to replace nonfunctioning furnace, replace sump pump then broken pipe from pump that flooded basement, found exercise room added without permit and leaks water, sun room addition on permit with City of Shoreview said 3 season but disclosure and realtor plus seller said 4 season, when finished basement without permit removed load bearing wall with resultant structural instability and major settling, disclosure said no prior water damage but when removed carpet and padding when flooded basement last week see water stained cracks Service Master confirmed old stains and evidence of wall patching, etc. Much, much, more..

  3. Krystal larson

    Do u take payments? I can’t afford a huge lawyer fee but I have a job and will make payments or do u know of any attorneys that do let u make payments.

  4. Interested in legal representation for a home that I recently purchased.
    Signs of previous flooding have been discovered since moving in.
    Nothing was disclosed during the purchase.
    Thank you

  5. We have a D.O.P.A in place and trying to get a passport for the child! But the passport agency does not dont want to honor it. Although it clearly states that the D.O.P.A includes medical,school ect but then says “but not limited to”. We need an emergency passport at this point ! PLEASE ADVISE!

  6. Do I need to go thru probate if only child? Do I need to pay medical bills for 92 year old deceased parent with no $ left. Only had credit card bills.

    • We would need more information about your mother’s estate, but the general answer is “no”. This estate appears to be one that can be resolved through the “small estate affidavit”.

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