Minnesota Restraigning Order - Flanders Law Firm LLCIn a divorce, separation, custody, property division, or child support situation, a court may issue a Minnesota restraining order against one of the disputing parties.

The restraining order can be temporary or permanent depending on the nature of the lawsuit.

For example, in a divorce, the court can issue a temporary restraining order which stops a husband or a wife from abusing one another physically.

Or, the court can issue a restraining order when one party is purposefully hiding or depleting marital assets.

When does a court issue a restraining order?

Other examples of a situation where a court can issue a temporary restraining order include:

  • Temporary custody and parenting time with the parties’ children;
  • Temporary maintenance or “alimony” order for either of the spouses;
  • Temporary child support order;
  • Temporary costs and reasonable attorney fees order;
  • The court may award the temporary use and possession of the family house, furniture, household goods, automobiles, and other property of the parties;
  • The court may restrain one or both parties from transferring, encumbering, concealing, or disposing of property except in the usual course of business or for the necessities of life, and to account to the court for all such transfers;
  • The court may restrain one or both parties from harassing, vilifying, mistreating, molesting, disturbing the peace;
  • The court may restrain one or both parties from removing any minor child of the parties from the jurisdiction of the court;
  • The court may order that a person may not enter the family home or enter the home of the other party;
  • The court may order that one or both of the parties must undergo certain specified acts (or to not act) in a way that will prevent the party from inhibiting the just and speedy disposition of the lawsuit;
  • Any order that a judge, in his or her discretion, deems necessary to protect a party.
The items listed above represent the common reasons why a court will issue a restraining order in a family law case.  The list is not exhaustive and a party can always ask a court for specific relief.

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