Uncontested Divorce Apple Valley MNMediation is an important aspect of the legal system.  Furthermore, in the field of family law, the process of formal or informal mediation is very important.

Minnesota family mediation can mean many different things. Formal, court-appointed mediators can be appointed.  Informal, “agreed-upon” mediators can be hired.  Sometimes, mediation can be thought of as simply having both parties meet with their attorneys at a particular law office.

Minnesota Family Law Mediation

Whatever your situation may call for, mediation can be a very effective tool.

Instead of fighting out motions and other issues in court, a mediator can be appointed to hear both parties’ arguments and make a recommendation to the parties or the court.

Often, a mediator will be legally trained and may be a lawyer.  Some of the best mediators have been practicing exclusively in the field of mediation for a very long time.  A mediator can also often be a former judge.

When people meet with a mediator who has experience, they will often tell you something like:  “I’m not the judge, but this would be my recommendation for settling your case and I can tell you, from my long experience, that this is probably what is going to happen if you go to court.”  You know what, they are often right.

Whether your case involved a divorce, a custody-fight, a child support issue, paternity, visitation, or some other family law issue, agreeing to mediation can be a good route to try.

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