The Flanders Law Firm LLC has experience representing clients on Minnesota parenting time and visitation.

Whether in a divorce or a legal separation proceeding, the courts are required to grant parenting time to both parents when requested to do so.

Often the courts will require there to be a hearing to decide on parenting time and visitation if the parents are not able to come to an agreement.  If the court decides that a parent’s visitation with a child might endanger the child’s physical and emotional well-being or development, the court is also required to restrict a parents time with their children.

In making this decision, the court will consider a child or children’s relationship with their parents before the legal proceedings or hearing has been commenced.

Speaking with an experienced Minnesota parenting time lawyer is the first step towards understanding your legal right to visit with your child or protect your children from a parent who may be abusing the children or otherwise may be unqualified to see them.

The courts take the children’s “best interest” into account when making all parenting time & visitation decisions.

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