Farmington Minnesota Probate Attorneys LawyersWe have offices centrally located in at 15050 Cedar Ave. Ste. 116 Apple Valley, MN 55124.  The firm often serves Farmington, Minnesota residents, families, and individuals.

If a personal representative is looking for Farmington, Minnesota probate attorney, please contact the law firm. The law firm’s probate attorneys and lawyers have years of experience working with estates – both large and small.

The firm has worked with personal representatives and/or executors in estate administrations and probates from under $5,000 to over $3 million in assets.

What are some things to consider in a new Farmington, MN probate?

The first thing to consider is whether not the deceased person had a Will or not. This will have a large effect on how far the probate estate will be administered in Dakota County.

The personal representative to look for the following items:

  • A Will
  • Locate the deceased person’s assets
  • Locate the deceased person stats
  • Locate and obtain a certificate of death
  • Search the deceased person’s home and belongings for all information regarding their state
  • Decide whether or not the deceased person had over $50,000 of available assets
  • Contact a Dakota County Minnesota probate attorney

Further information on the probate process in Farmington, Minnesota:

Minnesota, North Dakota, Indiana Probate Attorneys & Lawyers

Joseph M. Flanders is licensed to practice probate law in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Indiana.  He has experience probating estates – both large and small – in all three states.  At times, it is also necessary to probate assets or debts in multiple states.


For more information on an Farmington, Minnesota probate, the law firm provides estate administration services to individuals and families (55124, 55125) and the surrounding townships and locations.

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