Inver Grove Heights Minnesota Probate LawyerThe Flanders Law Firm handles Inver Grove Heights Minnesota probate and estate administrations.

The county of jurisdiction for Inver Grove Heights is Dakota County. Therefore, the Dakota County probate court would handle any probate administration for a deceased person in Inver Grove Heights.

The probate process is no different in Inver Grove Heights versus Eagan,  Apple Valley or another city in Dakota County.  This is as opposed to a city like St. Paul which is situated in Ramsey County and would therefore utilize the Ramsey County Probate Court.

This is because every county, including Dakota County, has their own probate rules and procedures which need to be followed. Therefore it is important to have a local, qualified probate attorney in your area.

What are the obligations for a personal representative in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota?

A “personal representative” or “executor” will be responsible to the probate estate of their deceased loved one. The personal representative, as Minnesota law calls this person, would be responsible to heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, and other interested parties.  What does this mean for the personal representative?  As stated above, an Inver Grove Heights personal representative will have to follow the Dakota County probate rules.

The probate rules specifically set out the duties of the personal representative:  These duties include;

  • Gathering information about the will
  • Gathering information about debts,
  • Gathering information about assets of a deceased person
  • Locating bank accounts, retirement accounts, insurance monies coming other information about finances
  • Gathering information about real estate, including homestead or other real property
  • Gathering deeds and other information about the real estate belonging to the estate
  • Gathering information about creditors and bills owed by the deceased person and how to pay those bills
  • Filing the proper to go to Dakota County district court probate documents

The above list does not include all of the duties of a personal representative in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota.  However, it should give anyone a good idea of their obligations and where to start.  For more detailed information, a qualified Minnesota probate lawyer should be consulted.


Experienced, Approachable Probate Lawyers

Flanders Law Firm LLC has years of experience working with clients from all walks of life.  The firm takes pride in helping normal people navigate the complicated probate process.  Joseph M. Flanders is licensed to practice probate law in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Indiana.  You can be assured that the firm will have your best interest in mind.

The firm offers experience, practicability, and the attention to detail that your case deserves.   The firm’s probate lawyers pride themselves on being easy-going and not taking themselves too seriously.  The most important thing is the client’s case and achieving a positive result.

At Flanders Law Firm, you will find honest and diligent lawyers who can help you with:

  • Probate and trust administration
  • Formal probates
  • Informal Probates
  • Summary Administrations
  • Intestate versus Testate Proceedings
  • Letters Testamentary and Letters of General Administration
  • Personal Representative Duties and Fees
  • Estate Inventory and Final Accounting
  • Sale of real estate
  • Funeral Expenses and claim litigation
  • Liens on the estate
  • Medical Assistance claims against the estate
  • Probate Asset Location and Identification
  • Identification of creditors of the estate
  • Creditor claims and debts of the estate
  • Will Contests (Undue Influence)
  • Lost Wills


Joseph M. Flanders

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