Flanders Law Firm LLC takes its Minnesota legal ethics responsibilities to its clients very seriously.

Officer of The Court

As a lawyer, Joseph M. Flanders is an officer of the court.  This means that he upholds the integrity of the law to the best of his ability.  The firm does not file claims that are unwarranted or unsupportable.

Clients Money

Furthermore, the firm understands its obligations as a fiduciary to clients.  The firm maintains an Interest on Lawyers Trust Account (IOLTA) for all client money.

Joseph M. Flanders understands that client needs – not the firm’s – come first. Therefore, all client money is placed in the firm IOLTA account until earned by the firm or paid out for necessary court costs and fees.

Each client account has a seperate subsidiary ledger where all funds are clearly dilineated and kept track of.  Clients can be assured that the trust they place in the firm will not be abused.

Candor to the Tribunal

The firm operates in an ethical fashion at all times.  The firm always makes full disclosures of facts to the court and to opposing counsel.  This does not mean that attorney-client-privilege is waived.  It simply means that the firm acts in an ethical fashion when dealing with the court and representing clients.

Free Initial Consultations

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