Minnesota Business AttorneyJoseph M. Flanders is a Minnesota businesses attorney.  The law firm represents Minnesota businesses – big and small – from start-up to mature ventures.

Business Lawyer in Minnesota

The law firm provides guidance to Minnesota businesses, including:

  1. Business formation
  2. Articles of Organization
  3. Board of Director Meeting Minutes
  4. LLC
  5. S Corporations
  6. Sole Proprietorship

Joseph M. Flanders practices in the area of business representations, and he often is involved in the formation, capitalization, operation, reorganization and dissolution of all types of business entities.

Thoughtful business representation

Starting a business means many daunting choices: which type of business entity to form, how to finance it, potential liability, etc. Joseph M. Flanders takes a level-headed approach where he helps his business clients in the creating a viable foundation that will ensure that the business will mature successfully.

The firm also has experience serving as general counsel to established businesses. He knows that as a business expands, it needs flexibility. To that end, Joseph M. Flanders helps business clients navigate legal issues such as: raising capital, administering employee contracts and benefits, negotiating and financing real estate transactions, protecting trade secrets and other proprietary information, drafting and reviewing commercial contracts and structuring tax plans.

Finally, Joseph M. Flanders provides legal counsel to officers, directors, partners, members and shareholders regarding their legal obligations to their businesses.

Litigation Experience

Flanders Law Firm, LLC also serves as litigation counsel to numerous businesses in industries ranging from manufacturing to financial services. Our broad experience allows us to partner with clients and provide comprehensive legal services tailored to each business owner’s individual needs.

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