Minnesota Contested Divorce - Flanders Law Firm LLCDivorces are very difficult times in many people’s lives.  I know that it was a difficult time for my family when my parents divorced.  I still count it as one of the most life-altering moments in the history of my life – and it was 20 years ago.

I practice family law because I want to help people who are faced with a difficult situation.  I like working with people and I understand that everybody is entitled to quality representation when they are going through a divorce.  I try to be understanding when my clients are upset and I also know that, at times, my clients need an aggressive lawyer to argue their case.  I try to be that kind of attorney.

Whether you are looking for an Apple Valley MN divorce attorney or whether you need a lawyer in the greater Twin Cities metro area, I am here to help.  I have experience representing clients in Dakota County, Ramsey County, Hennepin County, Scott County, Washington County, Goodhue County, and the surrounding areas.  There are different rules for different courts and I know how to navigate them.

Whether you are dealing with a child custody dispute or simply want an uncontested divorce, I am here to help.   In addition to serving as counsel in numerous divorce trials, I have represented clients in contested paternity trials and termination of parental rights proceedings.  One of the best moments of my legal career was when a client hugged me after a full-day trial that was very contentious and stressful.  My client was so happy that I stood up for him and defended him.  He knew he had a tough case and understood the effort it takes to prepare for and conduct a full trial.  I was very happy that I got to stand up for that client and assert his rights.

So, if you are looking for a good Apple Valley MN family law attorney who cares about his clients, give Flanders Law Firm LLC a call at 612-424-0398.