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Estate planning is an important topic. This is no different in Apple Valley MN or any other city in the United States.  Sadly, most people put the process off.

As a lawyer who regularly works with clients on Wills & Trusts – as well as a variety of other estate planning documents – I know first-hand how much people like talking about their own deaths. I know I don’t.

I will say this:  when you start getting older, you start thinking about estate planning. Furthermore, I have noticed an uptick in clients who are younger and have recently had children.  My conclusion?  People consider estate planning during major life changing events and that is about it.

Estate Planning doesn’t have to be complicated

In my opinion, in the large majority of cases, estate planning can be very simple.  My general advice is that everyone should have a simple Will and some financial and healthcare documents.

For instance, my basic estate planning package includes a simple Will, a living Will, financial powers-of-attorney, and healthcare powers-of-attorney.  That is it.   It is relatively inexpensive and it puts people’s minds at ease.

Loved ones should also appreciate it when their parents or siblings conduct estate planning.  Why?  Because their rights are going to be protected. Let’s face it:  dying is a part of life.  Do you want to leave your relatives in the lurch if something happens to you?  What about your young child?  Should they be left in the dark if you get in a car accident or worse?

Consider doing basic estate planning

If you don’t want to get complicated.  Simply contact your estate planning attorney in Apple Valley MN and ask him or her some questions about how they can help you.

The conversations doesn’t have to be difficult.  For instance, a recent client called and told me that he and his wife were going on a trip. He had three children and he wanted to make sure that if something happened to him on the trip, his children would be protected.  My solution?  A simple will and some basic power-of-attorney.  That’s it.

If you thinks it’s hard to think about your own death, think about how bad you would feel if your child or children weren’t entitled to what they should have received because you didn’t get a Will done.