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Burnsville, Minnesota is located in Dakota County which would be the court of jurisdiction in any probate case.  The Dakota County probate court would administer the deceased person’s estate because, in most cases, domicile is determinate by residency – or where the deceased person lived.

The firms probate attorneys have years of experience working with clients and probate estates that are large and small. Furthermore, at times, an estate may not need to be probated if the total value of the estate is under $50,000.  This is something to always keep in mind if you are concerned about whether a probate is even required.

Duties of the Burnsville Minnesota personal representative

A person who is a Burnsville resident or whose loved one was of Burnsville resident, will need to decide who will serve as the deceased person’s personal representative (or executor).  The personal representatives of the estate are typically the surviving spouse or children of the deceased person. If the deceased person had a Will, that personal it died “testate” and this will mean that the Will document will have nominated an executor or personal representative. If the deceased person did not have a will then they died “intestate“.  This will mean that the priority list of personal representatives under Minnesota law will need to be followed.

After the personal representative is chosen, that person will have certain duties to the estate.  He or she will serve as a fiduciary for the other heirs, creditors, and beneficiary of the estate.

Common duties of Burnsville Minnesota person representative include:

  • Locating and gathering assets;
  • Locating and identifying the debts and creditors;
  • Identifying title to real estate;
  • Identifying whether there are any medical assistance claims owed to Minnesota for health care;
  • Successfully administering the probate estate from beginning to end

There many other duties required of a personal representative, and a probate attorney should be contacted to discuss those duties.

As stated above, it is important to realize that the Burnsville, Minnesota probate will not always be necessary.  Furthermore, there are many different types of probate that need to be considered in every estate. The probate personal representative needs to be aware of the difference between a formal and informal and supervised and unsupervised estate. In Dakota County, likely will not be a necessity of a court hearing in any probate proceeding; however, the court still needs to be petitioned to allow a person representative to administer to administer probate estate.

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Joseph M. Flanders is licensed to practice probate law in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Indiana.  He has experience probating estates – both large and small – in all three states.  At times, it is also necessary to probate assets or debts in multiple states.



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