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With a main office centrally located at 2600 Eagan Woods Drive, Suite 270 Eagan, Minnesota 55121, the law firm is available to serve the people of Eagan, Minnesota.

The firm’s lawyers have years of experience helping families and individuals from Eagan navigate the complicated probate and estate administration process.

The firm also has experience working on estate that have been worth millions of dollars and estate worth less than five thousand dollars.  The probate attorneys at the firm take pride working with people from all walks of life.

If you or your family finds yourself in need of a probate attorney in Eagan, MN, please do not hesitate to contact the firm.  Joseph M. Flanders understands that many people may not have worked with a probate attorney before – or that they may not even know what needs to be done about the deceased person’s estate.

From big to small, the firm represents clients throughout the Twin Cities metro area, Dakota County probate, and Eagan, Minnesota on probate and estate administrations.  The firm also offers free consultations so that people feel that they do not have to hire a probate attorney if it is not necessary to do so.

Further information on the probate process in Eagan, Minnesota:

  • Intestate versus Testate
  • Personal Representative Duties
  • Creditors of a Probate Estate
  • Minnesota Probate Laws
  • MN Probate Rules
  • Does this estate need to be probated?
  • How long does a probate take?
  • What is the cost of a probate?


Joseph M. Flanders is licensed to practice Minnesota probate law in Minnesota, North Dakota and Indiana.


For more information on an Eagan, Minnesota probate, the law firm provides estate administration services to individuals and families (55121, 55120, 55122, 55123) and the surrounding townships and locations.

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