Annulment - Flanders Law Firm LLCAt times, filing for divorce and going through the sometimes drawn-out legal process can be avoided by the possibility of an annulment in Minnesota.

An otherwise valid marriage can be voided in certain circumstances through the utilization of the annulment process.

You should be aware that annulments may be difficult to obtain and you must ask your Minnesota annulment lawyer about whether an annulment might be a possibility for you.

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Below are some examples in which a marriage may be annulled under Minnesota law:

    • The person was under the legal age to marry.
    • At the time of the marriage ceremony, an individual did not have the mental capacity to know that they were getting married;
    • At the time of the marriage ceremony, an individual did not consent to the marriage;
    • If, at the time of the marriage, an individual had a mental incapacity that neither party knew about at the time of the solemnization of the marriage;
    • If one of the parties to the marriage ceremony was under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other illicit substances;
    • If the consent of either of the parties getting married was induced by fraud and the parties never lived together;
    • If one of the parties is unable to have sexual intercourse and the other party, at the time the marriage , did not know about it at the time the marriage was entered into;

The most common reason for an annulment of a marriage is inability to have sexual intercourse and/or the person being married was under the legal age to do so.  Otherwise, annulment proceedings, may be unavailable to you.  Instead, you may have to follow the traditional divorce proceeding route.

I would be happy to explain the ramifications of annulment in your initial consultation.

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