In family law situations, the court will often issue an order awarding Minnesota attorney fees or court costs to a party.

Flanders Law Firm LLC is experienced in getting attorney fees awards for its clients and defending attorney fee orders against clients.

Minnesota Attorney fees and court costs

When a party in a legal proceeding fails to appear in court, answer a pleading, or acts belligerently towards a court, attorney fees may be awarded by a judge.

Although the firm does not make guarantees that attorney fee orders will be awarded to their clients, the firm does know when and how to ask a judge for  specific attorney fee order.

Defending Minnesota Attorney Fees Orders

In the same sense, the firm understands that, at times, attorney fee orders are very burdensome to people.  These orders may need to be litigated and appealed.  The firm is comfortable handling these situations as well.

Whether your legal questions deals with asking for or defending against a court costs and/or attorneys fees order, Flanders Law Firm LLC has the experience to help you.

Contact the firm to speak with an experienced Minnesota attorney fees lawyer.  The firm serves the greater Twin Cities metro area and is centrally located in Apple Valley, MN.

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