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If you think are in need of a Minnesota order for protection because you have been a victim of domestic abuse, you need to contact the police and/or a lawyer as soon as possible.

Get the help you need right away.

What is a Minnesota Order for Protection?

An order for protection or OFP is an order that a court enters as a result of a court proceeding where the court finds that the “respondent” has committed acts of domestic abuse.  A respondent is the person who is alleged to have abused you, the “petitioner”.

A Minnesota court may do the following once it makes a finding that domestic abuse has occured:

  1. Restrain the abusing party from committing acts of domestic abuse;
  2. Exclude the abuser from the home – whether shared or not;
  3. Exclude the abuser from your place of work;
  4. Order the abuser to have no contact with you whatsoever;
  5. Exclude the abuser from a reasonable area (5 miles) from your residence;
  6. In addition, the court may also order:
    1. a continuation of insurance coverage
    2. custody of the children
    3. restrictions on the abuser’s contact with his legal children
    4. child support
    5. spousal maintenance
    6. personal property
    7. payment of casts related to the abuse
    8. the abuser to attend therapy and counseling

An OFP in Minnesota typically is granted for a period not to exceed two years, but a judge may issue the order for a longer period if appropriate.  A violation of a protective order will result in criminal charges against the respondent.  You should also be aware that the burden of proof is a “preponderance of evidence” in all civil proceedings.

If you have been a victim of domestic abuse and you need an OFP, please get help right away.

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