Grandparent Visitation - Flanders Law Firm LLCDepending on the situation, grandparents may have legal rights to visit with, obtain custody, or adopt their grandchildren.

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Although Minnesota law states that the biological parents of the children are initially assumed to have the right to make all decisions relating to the upbringing of their children, a child’s’ grandparents are often the caregivers.

The need for grandparents to be the caregivers can arise when a parent simply cannot or will not exercise the responsibility of raising children.

In this situation, the grandparents have to assume responsibility and it is important that they establish their legal rights to do so.

Whether the grandparents find themselves in a situation where they must establish formal, legal rights to a child, or if the grandparent simply wants to visit with their grandchildren, they will often need an experienced Minnesota family law attorney to help them navigate the legal system.

Focusing on Grandparent Visitation in Minnesota

Flanders Law Firm LLC is a client-centered law firm with focus on the family.  The firm understands that children need to have grandparents in their lives because grandparents play a vital role in the upbringing of children.

Because we know the importance of grandparents in the lives of children, the law firm helps grandparents to see those children grow and reach their full potential.

Minnesota laws related to grandparent visitation can be confusing.  You need to speak with a qualified lawyer to guide you through the legal process.  The Flanders Law Firm LLC can do that for you.

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